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1. Vaccinations must be up to date on the date of check-in, and evidence provided during check-in (vaccination certificate signed by your vet). If vaccinations turn out to be overdue at check-in, we reserve the right to refuse admittance and keep the non-refundable deposit. So please make sure the vaccinations/boosters will be up to date on the date of check-in! We will retain the vaccination certificate for your cat(s)' stay duration.

The following vaccinations are a must: FHV+FCV (cat flu) and FPV (feline enteritis).

FHV = Feline Herpesvirus. FCV = Feline Calicivirus. FPV = Feline Panleucopaenia Virus = Feline Enteritis.

If you are not sure what your kitty has been vaccinated against, please check with your vet.

IMPORTANT: All vaccinations and boosters must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of boarding!!

Please refer to this chart from International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) for info:  VACCS CHART

Also, here is a link to info by International Cat Care:   "Vaccination of cats with relation to catteries"

and another link to info by The Oxford Cat Clinic:   "Vaccination Policy"

2. Your kitty must receive regular vet-prescribed flea and worming treatments. If, whilst your kitty is with us, we notice that they have fleas, we will contact your vet (or ours) and arrange for a flea treatment to be administered. We will prepare an invoice for you, and it must be settled before check-out.

3. We may need to contact your vet and get information about your cat(s) - by paying the non-refundable deposit, you confirm that you are happy with this, and that you give us your permission to have access to your cat's medical history.

4. We do not accept unspayed/unneutered cats/kittens for boarding. Any cats/kittens that you bring to us for boarding, must have been spayed/neutered (age &weight permitting). By signing these T&Cs you confirm that you are happy for us to check this with your vet.

5. The deposit paid to secure the booking, is NOT refundable.

6. The non-refundable deposit required to secure the booking, is the higher of: (a) gbp 80 for a Large room / gbp 108 for a Super room, and (b) 25% of the total booking value.

7. Days of arrival and departure are charged in full.

8. Balance must clear at least 24 hours before check in. If paying by cash or card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), the balance can be settled during check in.

9. Minimum stay = 4 days. If staying less than 4 days, the full 4 days rate will be charged.

10. If a refund is due, it will only be done via the same method as the original payment.

11. If you are delayed, for whatever reason, and cannot collect your cat(s) on the agreed date, please inform us as soon as you can. There are 3 possible solutions:

(A) If we have the space, we will keep boarding your cat(s). The extra boarding cost will be invoiced and must be settled upon check-out.

(B) We (or your nominated emergency contact) can try to find your cat(s) a place in another cattery nearby. Your emergency contact will have to check your cat(s) into that cattery, and pay for the boarding.

(C) Your emergency contact may wish to collect your cat(s) from us and take them to your home, and look after them there until your return.

Please have a think about which option you prefer - your choice will be noted on the booking form, and followed if you are delayed, and also in an unlikely emergency situation.

12. We might have to place your cat(s) in a holding pen - we will only do this in an emergency, and not for longer than 12 hours. We cannot accept your booking without you agreeing to this.

13. Only cats from the same household can share rooms. For example - we cannot board your cat(s) with your friend's cat(s).

14. Our insurance only covers your cat(s) in case of an accident whilst in our care. It does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

15. CANCELLATIONS POLICY : Any cancellations must be done via email or phone. If the cancellation is received 2 weeks or more prior to start of boarding, we will only retain the non-refundable deposit. If the cancellation is received up to 1week prior to start of boarding, 50% of the balance will be invoiced and must be settled within 1 month from invoice date. If the cancellation is received less than 1 week prior to start of boarding, the whole balance amount will be invoiced and must be settled within 1 month from invoice date.

16. NO SHOW POLICY : If you do not show up for check-in on the agreed date and time, and no contact is made with us either by yourself or your nominated emergency contact, we will hold your room for 4 days (including the agreed day of arrival). If you do not check in during these 4 days, your booking will be deemed cancelled. The balance of the full booking cost will be invoiced and must be settled within 30 days from invoice date.

17. NO COLLECTION POLICY : if your cat(s) is/are not collected on the agreed date, and no communication is received either from yourself or your nominated emergency contact within 1 week after the agreed check-out date, we reserve the right to rehome your cat(s) at our discretion.

18. Please note that your cats are boarded solely at your risk.

19. You are liable for any damage caused by your cat(s) whilst in our care.

20. If your cat has any history of aggressive or vicious behaviour (towards anyone & anything!), such information must be disclosed on the booking form.

21. If your cats fight and we have to separate them, the cost of extra boarding will be invoiced and must be settled upon check out. We will consult you about this, but if you insist on keeping your warring cats in the same room, we cannot be held liable for any damage they cause to each other (through fighting) or themselves (due to stress). You will be liable for any damage they cause to equipment and people.
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