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We are open

- Looking after your kitties since November 2014 -

Monday - Saturday
Bank holidays
White Cottage
Pasture Lane
Breachwood Green
All visits strictly
by appointment only.
Thank you for your cooperation.
08:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
1 cat   = £15
2 cats = £25

1 cat   = £20
2 cats = £30
3 cats = £40

1 cat   = £27
2 cats = £36
3 cats = £45
4 cats = £54
5 cats = £60
We are NOT an ordinary cattery! We treat your cats like our own.
We actually spend time with them!
And our rooms are big, so your kitties have space to play!

We only have 6 rooms

This means we have enough time to make sure all our guests are exercised and entertained,
and to develop a personal relationship with each and every cat in our care.

The sizes of our rooms

We do not have what other cat hotels refer to as “double” rooms – in our opinion they are too small. In short, we would not put our own cats in those. Our Large rooms are bigger than what other cat hotels call “family size” or “extra large”. As for our Super rooms, as far as we are aware, the manufacturer has not built such big rooms for anyone else in the UK. So please bear this in mind, when comparing our prices with other cat hotels.

We feed the same as you feed at home

Other catteries and cat hotels have a limited selection of cheaper foods.
We have chosen to stick to feeding the same as you do at home.
In some cases, we will ask you to bring your own food, and a deduction will be made of £1 per cat per day, from the price.

Our opening hours

We are open on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays,
which means you do not have to take a Friday or a Monday off for drop off / collection.
We understand that holiday days are hard earned, and that you want to be reunited with your kitty
as soon as you can upon your return.

The online availability checker

Your can use our online availability checker to see if we have a space for your required dates.

The hygene

We only use a premium grade litter, and the toilets are checked and cleared throughout the day.
The rooms are tended to daily.

The webcams & the updates

The 24 hour webcams with recording facility & the regular updates. We do not charge anything extra for these.

Treats, medications, grooming

The treats are no extra. Administration of injections and oral meds is free of charge.
Light grooming (if they agree to it!) is no extra.

No cat is a problem

We’ve now had hissing, growling, shy, boisterous, very active cats, etc. We make sure each and every cat is treated individually – this is essential for their well being! We want them to have an engaging and an exciting holiday, so they come back home happy and relaxed.

Payment methods

We accept card payments, so it is no bother if you forget your cheque book!
This is in addition to cash, cheques, bank transfers, PayPal.

~ All prices are in GBP and are PER DAY ~
~ 25 & 26 December are charged at DOUBLE RATE ~
~ Day of arrival and day of departure are charged in full ~
~ Minimum stay is 4 days ~

~ Only cats from the same home can share rooms ~

~ Long stays (30 days or more) get 10% discount ~

~ Medications (oral, insulin injections) are applied free of charge ~
The above prices include:

Food (same as you feed at home), treats, toys, play sessions, light grooming (with PetHead or JohnPaul products) and brushing,
access to the webcam in their room, updates via email or texts or Whatsapp or Viber,
heating, bedding, World's Best litter, insurance, injecting insulin, application of oral medications and eye drops.
If we ask you to bring your own food (prescription & special diets), we will deduct £1 per day per cat from the boarding total.
We can accommodate
up to 12 kitties
from the same household

How many ?!?

They ARE


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